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Why is this the most important purchase you’ll make this year? 

Attention is the new global currency. - The Exam Coach

Since graduating from University in 2014 I’ve been helping young people prepare and perform well in their exams by sharing some simple techniques and daily practices which result in consistently high performance. I volunteered in schools and universities throughout the UK for 18 months, the following year I founded a small business called The Exam, an online hub to help students with their exam preparation and performance in the places where they spend the majority or their time and attention (smartphone, social media and messaging apps etc.). My goal is to replace binge watching of cat videos with binge watching of useful content on the internet. Once this goal is achieved we might then be able to throw the odd cat video in there for a good laugh (they are pretty funny after all). 

In 2016 I joined VaynerMedia, a social first digital advertising agency founded in 2011 by the livewire entrepreneur - Gary Vaynerchuk. Since joining I’ve learned the basics of ‘day trading user attention’ and ‘hacking culture’ on behalf of the world's largest and most influential brands. The Exam remains a continuously evolving passion project as a place to educate young people about the state of the internet on the mobile device and the key behaviors that need to be developed to make the impact your seek to make in the world. It’s my genuine belief that one of the most crucial skills in today’s society is mastery of what you do with and how you think about the all of the information on your mobile device. 

What do you get? 

After entering what challenges you’re currently experiencing we’ll develop a personalized 21 day attention diet plan tailored to those challenges. The plan is broken into three sections. 

Section 1

In the first section you’ll be presented with some new ways of thinking about your time and attention and how you ‘spend’ it in today’s digital environment. You’ll learn to think about information and the digital space differently, to see the platforms and apps for what they really are, and you'll develop your own understanding of how you can best position yourself to achieve your long term goals.  

Section 2

In section 2, you’ll broaden your perspective on different media and how to think/approach them. You will also learn how some of the biggest, most relevant and most powerful companies in the world think about your attention and what they are doing to get better and better at capturing it. 

Section 3

In section 3, you’ll be set up with some basic exercises, a schedule planner and some tried and true routines for the 21 day attention diet. We’ll also include some special tips and tricks to tackle the unique challenges you wrote down in the form you submitted. After 21 days the goal is to see if you can channel more of your focus on the thing you want in the long term rather than the things you want in the now.  It’ll take some honest self reflection to be able to measure this effectively. 

Simply sign up to the waiting list and we’ll email you when your plan is ready. 

We’ll send you your plan structure so you can review before you buy. Then, if you’re not happy after 21 days you can have your money back! Just let us know how we can make it better. 


James Davey, The Exam Coach