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Attention is the new global currency.
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It’s the currency which the internet and information age has created. Whenever you spend time and attention within an app, watching a video, reading an article, or listening to an audio track, a value exchange has just taken place between you and the person who created that content.

This value exchange is what internet businesses trade on (yep, think Google and Facebook). It’s our job as content consumers to decide where we should be spending our time and attention in order to successfully navigate the information technology landscape and harness it to achieve our goals.
— James Davey

What is The 7 DAY Attention investor plan?

  • Learn how to invest your time and attention in the activities and content which will help you to grow and develop.


  • Develop a system to guard against click bait, information lacking insight/intelligence and 'lowest common denominator content'. 


  • Set up your personal devices to make it easier for the best content to come to your attention. 


  • Consistently get what you need to get done day after day. Transform the way you use and think about your time and the social internet. 


  • Learn to invest for the long term and develop the patience needed to achieve your biggest goals in life.  



  • Submit your details below to receive a free 7 day plan outline. It takes most people 5-10 minutes to complete the form. You can then review your own plan outline before you buy. Let us know what you think! 


  • Once you've reviewed and you're happy, you can buy your own full 7 day plan for £79


  • The plan itself consists of a mixture of written, video and audio content. It's designed to fit into your life seamlessly so you can learn on the move .


  • We value your time and attention more than anything else, so all the information and tasks are synthesised down to the vital components - no fluff, just actionable advice and tasks. 


  • Each day consists of around 45 minutes of content. The rest of your time is for you to execute the plan. Then...Just keep that momentum up and become an Attention Investor for the long term!