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For example: - Are you in the United Kingdom and studying for GCSEs or A Levels? - Are you in the US studying for entrance to College? - Or are you taking international exams organised by an international exam board?
For example: - Do you organize yourself well? - Do you take clear notes? - Do you attend all your classes and listen attentively for the key information? - Do you stay calm under timed exam pressure? - Do you use reliable memorisation techniques?
For example: - Do you procrastinate with revision? - Do you lack motivation? - Are you easily distracted? - Is your smartphone a help or a hindrance? - Do you get stressed easily? - Do you find it challenging to work fast and accurately?
For example: - Your attention span - Your system for preparing - Your daily routine - Your exam technique/routine
For example: - Do you want to improve by a couple of grades? - Do you want to go from bottom grade to top grade? - Do you want to be able to do well in your exams whilst enjoying and having time for all the other activities you enjoy?
Top exam preparation and performance a methodical approach. The Exam Coach Way involves 3 simple steps:

- Foundation (focussing on fundamental skills) 📝
- Understanding (how to learn and memorise with speed and accuracy) 💡
- Nailing It (exam technique and exam stress management) 🔨

Once you’ve mastered these, 👉HARD WORK👈 is the variable of success.
— The Exam Coach

What is The 7 Day Exam Plan?

  • 7 days of intense technique learning and skill development designed to help students achieve great results in any exam whether it be for School, College or University. 


  • You will learn the essentials necessary for strong exam preparation and peak performance in the exam room. 


  • We develop tailored solutions to address your biggest barriers to exams success. For instance, smartphone management, procrastination/distraction, lack of motivation and exam nerves. Whatever it is, we can give you a step-by-step plan to conquer it.   


  • The plan focusses on routines and systems in order to get you to follow through and take action. These 7 days are your chance to set them up. 


  • This plan will transform the way you prepare and perform in your exams this year and you'll have a cracking set of results to show for it! #theexamcoachway


Step 1

  • You'll receive your tailored 7 day plan outline after you complete the self assessment form below. It takes us some time to turn your plan outline around after you've submitted your details - this should take you about 5 mins.


  • You don't need to submit any credit card details. The plan outline is FREE. 

Step 2

  • Review your plan outline. See the process for yourself. Ask us questions let us know where you'll require more guidance or if there's anything you expected to see that's missing? Let us know and we'll get everything just right! 

Step 3

  • Align and agree on the plan outline. 

Step 4

  • Payment . Each tailored plan costs just £49 (the average price of an exam resit!) You wont be needing to do that anymore though. 😉 

Step 5

  • We send you the 7 Day Exam Plan. 


  • We value your time and attention more than anything else, so all the information and tasks are synthesised down to the vital components - no fluff, just actionable advice and action points. 


  • Each day consists of around 45 minutes of content. It's quick and easy, about the length of an extra class at School or University. The rest of your time is left for you to execute against the plan. 

Step 6

  • Over to you - complete the plan in 7 days. Really commit to it and revolutionise the way you prepare and perform for your exams. 

Step 7

  • Keep the momentum up. String together days, weeks and months preparing The Exam Coach Way. Before you know it, it will be exam day, only this time you'll be prepared to smash every one of them out of the park!