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How you can make the process of achieving top grades as easy as possible?

  • Learn faster: knowing more helps you hit the top grades and improves your ability to learn and retain information
  • Achieve consistent performance at a high standard: raising the bar will help achieve a positive trajectory throughout your education and beyond
  • Appreciate the broader value of exams: they are reference points to help you overcome challenges in your future

The Ultimate Goal:

To help you get the best results possible with the least amount of time and effort.

Note: you will have to work hard. 

The Exam Coach's role is to help you find the most efficient and effective techniques to get your study done and deliver the grades.

To jump start to this process. Use The 7 Day Exam Plan and follow The Exam Coach on social media.

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What  are you going to do after graduating from School/College or University. You will have lots of questions:

  • What should I do for a job? 
  • How should I go about applying, developing my CV and demonstrating “I'd be a great candidate for the job?” 
  • What are the key skills and attitudes employers look for? 

I share with you my experiences. The mistakes and the successes. So you can come away with a more informed approach to the job market. 

I talk about all the jobs I've had and what I've learned all the way up to the lessons I'm currently learning at VaynerMedia

Here's my rolling learnings document with everything I've learned so far on the job noted down month by month - I'll continue to update as time goes by! 

YouTube's the next best place to go for more info on this! 

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The smart phone is bringing all the information and communication power in the world into the palms of people's hands, but it is how exactly we use this power which will determine whether our individual experience is positively or negatively impacted.

I'm always asking myself questions such as: 

  • What apps are people using? 
  • What kind of content are they consuming within those apps? 
  • Who are they messaging and how are they messaging them? 
  • What notifications do they have alerting them? 
  • How is their Smartphone set up to do its job for them in general? 
  • How are people thinking about and interpreting all the content served to them over their smart phone? 

So, how do I make the most of this awesome device and ensure it's making a positive impact towards everything I do...