How Can You Help? What Can You Learn? 

One of the biggest challenges for me growing up was proving to people and employers that I had the skills necessary to achieve. It's one thing being able to say it with confidence, it's another thing being able to point to the evidence. Through The Exam Coach, it is my ambition to give young people the evidence they require to prove themselves to employers. The outcome will be tangible and you'll have someone to back you up (that's me!). By executing some of the day to day jobs and business deliverables you can gain an understanding of how The Exam works. Take a look below and let me know if there's a task you want to own. If so, get in touch, we'll make a strategy together and then you can see it through to completion, whatever the end product is - it will be yours to refer to in that job interview or important conversation. 

  • Video/Content Creation
  • Community Management 
  • Paid Ads