The 7 Day Exam Plan


  • What is THE 7 Day Exam Plan?

    • The Plan is designed to help students achieve improved results in any exam whether it be for School, College or University. 
    • Students can use The Plan to: 
      • Quickly and easily learn the the top exam preparation and performance techniques
      • Build these techniques into their own daily schedule and overall approach to exams
  • How is The Plan delivered?

    • For 7 days you receive a mix of audio and written content  via email.
    • The audio and written formats allow for learning at speed and on the move so students can complete The Plan alongside their current studies.
    • Each day consists of about 45 minutes of audio and written content.


  • How to complete it? 

    • Students can complete at their own pace but are encouraged to complete each day's worth of content as and when it is delivered. 
    • At the end of The 7 Day Exam Plan a student will have planned and organised their study schedule
    • They will also know which revision techniques to use as well as having some solid routines to ensure consistency of study sessions and strong performance in the exam room


  • Why does it work?

    • The Plan takes into account the true challenges students face when studying for exams

      • It provides solutions to some of the biggest sticking points for students. For example, motivation to study, procrastination, peer pressure, exam stress and smart phone management. 

    • The Plan is heavily based on the building of good routines

      • Routines and good habits allow students to follow through on their studies, at the end of The 7 Day Exam Plan you'll know exactly what you need to do each day, all that's left for you to do is to stick to the schedule laid out for you. 

    • It's realistic in its expectations of students

      • Hard work is important. But The 7 Day Exam Plan also acknowledges students can't spend all their time studying. Therefore, we look at exams from a holistic point of view - making sure you get enough exercise, manage you friendships during exam time and monitor what you eat and drink. 



  • WHY I created the plan 


  • HOW to complete the plan


  • KEY Terminology


  • DAY 1: Planning - The Exam Coach Way 


  • DAY 2: Finding Motivation


  • DAY 3: Setting Yourself Up To Win



  • DAY 5: Becoming An Elite Exam Taker



  • DAY 7: What To Do On Exam Day. Step By Step.


Key Terminology

A Town = the end goal. It’s where you’re headed, what you’re working towards. It’s that top grade. Whether it’s a letter or a number you’re trying to hit. A Town is that.


The Road To A Town = this is the journey, the graft, the hustle. It’s a long and winding road, with speed bumps, pot holes and unexpected turns. But you have to stay the course and persevere…That’s what separates A Towner from everyone else. A Towners go the distance and do things other students are simply not willing to do in order to get the grades. 

Cruising Speed = that feeling you get when everything is going to plan and you’re getting stuff done. It’s that power hour at the desk, a well executed daily routine, a cracking week and so on…

Brain Fuel = the foods we need to help us perform and think at our highest level. 

Liquid Thinking = water isn’t just water. It’s liquid thinking. Keep topped up and hydrated to sustain optimum performance. 

🚌 Knows (say Coach knows) = it’s my way of saying I’ve been there and done it. I wouldn’t be telling you all of this stuff or writing this plan unless I have 100% complete and utter belief that it works. In fact, I don’t believe, I know. All the things I recommend I’ve done myself, I don’t talk about what I don’t know, only what I do know. So, yeah, 🚌Knows.

Power Sesh = a good revision session. It could be any length of time. Regardless the information is sinking in and staying there and you’re excited to get stuck into the next sesh. 

20 Minute Stress Reliever = exercise. You need to get this is in order to relieve and lower stress. It’s as simple as that. You don’t need to go running marathons everyday, but you do need to get a quick 20 minutes in daily.