Work with us

There are two main ways to work with The Exam Coach.

  • Get paid to write about your exam experience (£25 per post + commission)

  • Get paid to promote The 7 Day Exam Plan (commission)

Get Paid For Writing About Your exam Experience

Here's the deal…

Write a blog post about how to revise/study for a subject you have taken an exam in recently and done well in. For example, ‘How to revise for GCSE Biology’ or ‘How to study for A Level Maths’.

How you earn cash from it…

We pay a £25 flat fee per blog post including a 50% commission fee on any 7 Day Exam Plans sold through your post. Here’s how this works… We will publish your blog post on The Exam Coach website and place an affiliate link on your page to The 7 Day Exam Plan. If parents, students and teachers who find your blog post go on to purchase The 7 Day Exam Plan you will receive the 50% commission fee. For example, for a £79 sale you’d receive £39.50. With over 1 million people visiting The Exam Coach website since the start of 2018 and thousands of people searching for subject specific exam help each month we’re confident you’re going to attract some web traffic, some of which will be interested in buying The 7 Day Exam Plan.

How to write the blog post…

We need to get your post ranking as high-up in the searches on Google as possible. We have our own ways of doing this but one of the easiest ways to rank highly is if the blog post is really useful in its own right. So, here’s a structure we’d like you to follow with a rough word count guide next to each section. We’re aiming for each blog post to be about 1500 words, but don’t be limited by this, often the longer and more detailed posts perform better.

Blog post title: eg. How to revise GCSE French

Your background (200 words):

  • Mention what you find difficult and easy about the subject (be as specific as you can eg. State which topics you find easier/more difficult)

  • Mention your learning style

  • Mention a bit about you and the other subjects/life commitments you had to fit your revision around

Classwork (200 words) :

  • Write about how you approached classwork throughout the year (eg. Paying attention, reviewing notes, asking questions)

The Revision (400 words) :

  • Write about the syllabus and how you approached revision in the lead up to the exam

    • What specific revision techniques did you use?

    • Which parts of the syllabus did you focus on in particular? Be specific. Mention the topics you had to work hardest on and how you did this.

    • What did you find easy and what did you find challenging?

    • What resources, websites or people helped you (please name and link to as many as you can).

    • How did you break up the syllabus to cover everything you needed to in time for the exam?

    • How much revision did you do?

The Exam (400 words):

  • Write about how you approached the exam

    • List your own strengths and weaknesses in an exam situation

    • Did you have a specific technique for completing the exam?

    • How many past papers did you do and what did you deliberately practice whilst doing them?

    • How did the real exam go? Mention any topics that came up in your exam and how you handled them.

Summary (100 words)

  • Mention any pro tips you have for students taking this exam in the future

What can you send in which will make the post rank even higher on Google?

  • A headshot. People want to know you’re a student just like them. Feel free to use a Snapchat/Instagram lens or filter if you want to go for a funnier more laid back vibe. That’s cool with us.

  • Photos of written notes which we can tag and place within the article - send as many as possible please!

  • Examples answers to questions or essay questions you personally have written in photo or scanned format.

  • Link to the subject syllabus for the exam board, a couple of past papers and some mark schemes.

  • Screenshots from any revision apps you use which we can tag and place within the article

  • Send your results in and we can post them with the blog post - there’s no better way to convince people they should listen to you! For your privacy, we will blur/score out your surname and other sensitive information on the certificate.

The Process

  • Let us know you’re interested by setting up an affiliate account here - it’s free! This creates the link we’ll use to monitor the web traffic and sales generated by your blog post.

  • Send an email to letting us know what subjects you’d like to write for. This way we can support you through the process.

  • Please send the blog post as a Word Document, Google Document, note document or pasted within the body of an email.

  • We’ll review and send you some feedback. We can then make a few edits together (we average 2 to 3 rounds of edits).

  • Once approved, we’ll publish your blog post on The Exam Coach website.

Other important information:

  • In order to control quality, we cannot guarantee every submission will be paid for. We will let you know whether your post qualifies for payment upon submission of the first draft. If it doesn’t qualify, we’ll let you know what changes you need to make in order for it to qualify.

  • Once qualified we will send you a contract to sign, with this you should provide the email address linked to a PayPal account which you’d like us to send the initial £25 fee to and also pay in any future commission fees to.

  • You can write individual blog posts for as many different subjects as you wish.

  • At peak times in the academic year we might use your blog post to advertise which would results in more web traffic and selling opportunities for you

  • If you want to write more than the recommended word count - please do! In fact, we’ve found the longer more detailed blog posts tend to perform better.

  • Our cookie duration is currently 180 days. This means anyone anyone who purchases The 7 Day Exam Plan within 180 days of landing on your blog post will be counted as a sale attributed to you. The industry standard here is 30 days so we’re proud to be able to offer such a favourable time frame for you. We reserve the right to change this throughout the year based on demand and sales.

  • As long as you have an up to date affiliate account you will be paid every 30 days. Get to work and monetise the knowledge you’ve built over the last couple of years. 👍


  • This is designed for students/individuals with substantial online followings.

  • Create your free affiliate account here. You’ll be asked to share the social media pages where you could promote The 7 Day Exam Plan online.

  • We’ll then review your application. If it’s approved we’ll send you a free 7 Day Exam Plan and some promotional resources.

  • You can then start promoting by sharing links to Exam Coach content or The 7 Day Exam Plan with your affiliate code appended to each link.

  • You’ll be awarded a 50/50 revenue share of any 7 Day Exam Plan product sold via your affiliate links.

  • Our cookie duration is a whopping 180 days rather than the standard 30 days. This means if a user clicks on any of your affiliate links and purchases The 7 Day Exam Plan within 180 days the sale will be attributed to you.

  • You’ll get paid your earnings every 30 days.

  • Refunds, fake purchases or duplicate purchases will be voided.

Terms and conditions:

  • The price of The 7 Day Exam Plan may vary depending on the sales cycle. Regardless, you will always receive a 50% revenue share of any sales you make through your affiliate link. Everything is trackable through Affiliately so you can see how you’re doing anytime you like on your account dashboard. 

  • The 50% revenue share and affiliate deal does not apply to Exam Coach Merch (Liquid Thinking Water Bottles and Revision Retrievers) or CGP Revision Guides sold individually. 

  • We will occasionally send you promotional tips and resources via email to help increase your affiliate sales.

  • Any sales fees owed to you will be automatically transferred to you every 30 days via a method of your choice via Affiliately. PayPal, Bank Transfer or Cash App are the available options.

  • The Exam Coach reserves the right to terminate your affiliate link, all payments will be settled beforehand if this should happen. The exception to this is if we deem your account to have been involved in fraudulent affiliate activity. In this case, paying customers will be refunded and your account will be closed.

  • All content within The 7 Day Exam Plan is protected by intellectual property copyright. 

  • By setting up an affiliate account and becoming part of The Exam Coach Affiliate Partnership, you agree to these terms.

Any questions? Just email