Influencer Partnership


  • We’re looking to partner with relevant micro influencer accounts to promote The 7 Day Exam Plan - a digital product any student can use to help them prepare and perform better in their exams. Here are some examples of students who have used The Plan to improve their exam performance during previous years.

  • You’d be awarded a 20% revenue share of any 7 Day Exam Plan products sold via your affiliate link. The Plan usually costs £79, but can be lower during sale seasons. Here are the eligible products (The 7 Day Exam Plan, Reduced Price Bundles).

  • Also, our cookie duration is 180 days rather than the standard 30 days. This means if a user clicks on your affiliate link and purchases The 7 Day Exam Plan within 180 days the sale will be attributed to you. Your success in promoting such a useful product to your followers is important to us, hence why we’ve decided to extend the cookie duration to cover the whole of exam season (January - June in the Northern Hemisphere).


  1. We can send you The Plan for free so you can see what you’d be promoting. It will also be helpful if you’re taking exams of your own this year and so you can refer to it directly in your promotions! 

  2. Just send an email with ‘Study Influencer Partnership - YES’ in the subject line to and we’ll add you to The Plan subscription list (free of charge). You can then take a look at it as it’s delivered to you over the course of 7 days and decide whether it’s something you’d like to promote.

  3. If you like it and you want to promote it in order to help your followers, the next step would be to create your affiliate account here (free of charge). This is where you can create your own unique affiliate link to track sales you drive from your posts, page bio links and swipe up on stories links. If anyone clicks on your link and then buys a 7 Day Exam Plan product you will be eligible for a payment.


Step 1

Use #The7DayExamPlan so people understand what your link is about. For example, “Check out #The7DayExamPlan for exam help”.

Step 2

Make your followers aware of what The 7 Day Exam Plan is and how it’s helping you. We recommend you create your usual picture, video or story posts (so it fits in with the look and feel of your profile) and then write about how you’re using The 7 Day Exam Plan to help with your exams. Talk in your usual tone of voice, nothing too salesy or promotional. Use #The7DayExamPlan to point people’s attention towards the plan linked in your description. 

Step 3

Be consistent and regularly remind people they can access The Plan via the link in your bio, on your story or somewhere on your social media. Just talk about how The Plan is helping you with your exams. Talk about challenges you face with your exam revision and performance and how The Plan is helping you overcome them.

Step 4

One of the most popular types of promotion and the easiest to do is the Instagram bio link. Here are some examples of how you could include the link on your personal bio in an authentic way:


Important notes

  • Be patient. We usually see a significant sales lift through March and April, just before exams start in May (for most northern hemisphere countries). This doesn’t mean you should only start promoting in March. Students want to see other people using The Plan and making it work for them before they buy.

  • We recommend your first 5-7 posts should be 'non-salesy’, just say how The Plan is helping you. Mention something you think your followers would find useful and use #The7DayExamPlan. A great mindset to adopt is to think from your followers’ perspective, how can you be helpful and educate them about the benefits of the product over time?

  • After your audience is familiar with The Plan, you should start thinking about authentic ways to encourage people to click through on the link in your instagram bio or a swipe up link in your stories. Again, focussing on how The Plan helps people. Think about things students taking exams usually struggle with: organisation, time management, planning, motivation, revision technique, exam technique, smartphone distraction, exam stress and exam nerves. All of these problems can be solved by The Plan. 

  • Feel free to comment on, review and promote The Exam Coach social media channels to raise awareness around the brand and drive people to your affiliate link.  

General Terms

  • The price of The 7 Day Exam Plan may vary depending on the sales cycle. Regardless, you will always receive a 20% revenue share of any sales you make through your affiliate link. Everything is trackable through Affiliately so you can see how you’re doing anytime you like on your account dashboard. 

  • The 20% revenue share and affiliate deal does not apply for Exam Coach Merch (Liquid Thinking Water Bottles and Revision Retrievers), thinking caps or CGP Revision Guides sold individually. Though, if you are successful with this campaign, this will be offered out in the future.

  • Any sales fees owed to you will be automatically transferred to you every 14 days via a method of your choice via Affiliately. PayPal, Bank Transfer or Cash App are the available options.

  • If a customer should return their plan during the 14 day guarantee period the customer shall be refunded 100% of their fee.

  • The Exam reserves the right to terminate your affiliate link, all payments will be settled beforehand if this should happen. The exception to this is if we deem your account to have been involved in fraudulent affiliate activity. In this case, paying customers will be refunded and your account will be closed.

  • All content within The 7 Day Exam Plan is protected by intellectual property copyright. 

  • By setting up an affiliate account and becoming part of The Exam Coach Study Influencer Partnership, you agree to these terms.

Any questions? Just email