Hi, I'm James, the founder of The Exam Coach.

check it.JPG

That's me in the pic attempting to look hard as nails next to one of my favourite graffiti quotes in East London - 'deeds not words'

Let's talk about the quote for a minute. I enjoy helping students get things done and build momentum towards the goals they care about. As I was growing up I learned the value in taking action rather than just talking or thinking about it. Mind you, I wasn't always this way...I struggled with many of the challenges we all face as students. I was easily distracted, lacked motivation and didn't have a clear direction in my head as to where I wanted to go in life.

After leaving University, I created The Exam Coach in order to help students with some of the questions and challenges I encountered as a student.

Things like: 

1. How do I study for and perform well in my exams, but still have a good time between the ages of 13 and 22? 

2. What career should I choose? How do I make enough money but also have a decent time doing it? What am I naturally good at? 

3. How can I use my smartphone (which contains all the information known to human kind) to achieve my goals in life? 

The three topics I talk about are interconnected. Exam success builds useful life skills and opens up career prospects, both of these are enhanced by mastering the way you use your smartphone.