On Note Taking

Note taking is one of the key skills you will need to achieve exam success. 

Many students forget the reason why they are taking notes. If you can remember the purpose of why you are doing something you are much more likely to stay on task and deliver results as a consequence of your work.

Always remember that you are making notes in order to understand and memorise information. 

Everything else apart from writing words (for example, underlining, highlighting, using colours etc) should only be done if it helps your understanding and memorisation of the material.

There is no point in spending ages over making your notes look neat. I'm not saying scribble all over the page but what I am saying is that your time is limited and you need to be using it in a way that best contributes to the achievement of top results. 

Always keep your notes pure and simple - only include the essentials here's something to remind you (it had to be done)!