Revision - Don't Stress

Making a PLAN is the antidote to stress. 

When is comes to exams time is currency. You exchange time for grades. However, that time can go up or down in value depending on how effective the revision techniques are that you are using. 

If you find yourself a little stressed out forget about revision for a minute. Go to a place where you can chill out and take it easy. Take a sheet of paper and a pen and start with mapping out the basics:

- How much time do you have between now and your first exam?

- What do you need to cover? 

- After you have answered those three questions thin about how you are going to break your revision up over the time you have so you can cover it thoroughly...

- If you are still stuck, do this: pretend your exam is tomorrow. This will force you to look through the whole syllabus rapidly and understand its general points. Doing this will help you to understand how the material you are being examined on is structured, and therefore, how you can break it down over the time you have. 

Remember time is currency and planning is your magic potion.