Tactics Not Tic-Tacs

Be tactical when it comes to revision. 

Too many students think you need to start at the beginning and finish at the end when you're revising a subject syllabus. You don't. You need to decide what areas you are weak on and go and revise them.

Then work out where you will win the majority of your marks in the exam. Once again be tactical. Spend your time where the marks are and you're more likely to get them. 

Students often make the mistake of thinking a good revision timetable is one where they spend lots of time working. The more time spent working, the better their revision is going. This isn't true. 

A good revision timetable does the following: 

1). It helps you tackle problem areas you are struggling with and spend the appropriate amount of time getting to grips with these areas. 

2). It helps you to spend your time revising the topics that will carry the most marks in the exam. Knowing all the detail on the key topics that are likely to come up can be a game changer for your results.  

Be tactical in your approach to revision and exams. There are ways of making the whole process easier and more enjoyable.

Make the small changes which, when combined, make a big difference!