"Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything."

- Steve Jobs introducing the first iPhone in 2007 

The Smartphone is bringing all the information and communication in the world to everyone. But it is how exactly we use this power which will determine whether our experience is a positive or negative one. 

I'm always asking myself questions such as: 

  • What apps are people using?

  • What kind of content are they consuming within those apps?

  • Who are they messaging and how are they messaging them?

  • How much time are people spending on social media and what content are they spending time on?

  • What push notifications do they have turned on?

  • How is their Smartphone set up to do its job for them in general?

  • How are people interpreting all the content served to them over their Smartphone?

For starters, here's how I'm trying to make the most of this awesome device and ensure it's making a positive contribution towards everything I care about...

The Exam Coach’s Social Media Manifesto