"You only do exams once, but if you do them The Exam Coach Way, once is enough"
- James Davey, The Exam Coach

What is The Fun Exam Plan? 

- The FUN Exam Plan has been designed for students of all levels who want to achieve great results and enjoy the process.

- It tackles the whole exam journey from preparation to performance. 

- The FUN Exam Plan has been designed by students for students. It understands current barriers to exam success such as mobile phone management, procrastination and exam stress and how to overcome them. 

- The Exam Coach Way is all about effort, sustainable preparation and calm performance. No more lack of motivation, forcing yourself to revise 12 hours a day or bouts of exam panic!

- If you are truly ready to make a positive step forwards as a student this plan will transform the way you prepare and perform in your exams this year. What's more, you'll have a cracking set of results to prove it! 


What do you get? 

- The FUN Exam Plan contains 3 sub-plans: The Foundation Plan, The Understanding Plan and The Nailing It Plan.

- It includes just over 3 hours of high quality video.

- This is broken down in to over 100 bitesize chunks for effective navigation and problem solving. 

- The short, snappy video tutorials are accompanied by 15 exercises and comprehensive checklists to ensure you follow through. 

- The FUN Exam Plan is all about taking action and actually DOING what is required to achieve great grades. That's why every section is full of routines and techniques for you to implement quickly and easily. 

- Struggling with exam nerves?  Cover 'The Nailing It Plan' in just 45 minutes the night before and enjoy feeling calm and confident on the day.

- Any questions? Want some tailored or more specific advice? The Exam Coach is always on call! Just add the username: theexamcoach on Snapchat! 

- Buy The FUN Exam Plan now at the exam season sale price and use it for 365 days from the day of purchase. One purchase to last you multiple exam seasons?! Yes, that's right! Furthermore, The Plan is regularly updated and added to based on student feedback. But don't worry, we never renew your subscription without your permission! Invest in your future and start your exam journey with The Exam Coach this year...


What do the Exam Coach students say?


👌What is the exam coach way ?👌



- Cut out the trial and error. We understand students are busy revising the content they need to learn for their exams. But few take a step back to think about the most efficient and effective ways of learning this content and deliver on exam day. The FUN Exam Plan provides a quick and easy way to understand and implement revision and exam techniques that will bring about top results. 

Avoiding nerves, cramming, procrastination and panic. The Exam Coach Way gives you strategies and routines to avoid the all of the negative experiences too many students associate with exams. 

- Establishing solid revision routines, exam technique and the psychology of peak performance.  The Exam Coach Way treats exams like any other high performance environment. We coach, condition and train you to perform your best - hence, The Exam Coach. 

- Stay motivated! We understand that many students would rather be doing things other than exams (we're realistic)! Taking this into account we help you to put things into perspective and sustain motivation across the entire exam period. 

Balance and prioritisation - live the student life! We know every student would like to achieve great results whilst also being able to enjoy all the things students like doing in their free time! Watch this video to see how James developed his own understanding of how to balance and prioritise exams with everything else.

Holistic approach. The Exam Coach Way looks at everything. We really do take exam preparation and performance to a whole new level by looking at other areas that are important to exam success such as diet, exercise, sleep, attention management and social life. 

- Achievement of long term goals. The Exam Coach Way is all about helping you realise your long terms goals. Whether you want to successfully progress to the next stage of your education or, if you are graduating, you want to secure the grades necessary for that dream career entry position, we can help! Grades open doors, it's simple but it's true. 

- Realistic goals. The Exam Coach Way is realistic in its expectations. We realise everyone has their sights set on different grades and achievements. Whether you're super ambitious or simply want to improve by a grade or two, The FUN Exam Plan will provide you with the routine and structure you need to achieve the results you deserve. 

- Knowing you tried your absolute best ultimately determines whether you will be satisfied with your results. The Exam Coach way is all about effort, attitude and trying your best. If you do this in combination with the exam preparation and performance guidance laid out in The FUN Exam Plan, you will be on for a great set of results! 

- We play for the long term. The Exam Coach Way is not just about you achieving top grades. It's about instilling a strong work ethic and, with this, the basic building blocks required to achieve anything meaningful. Exams are one of the first instances where students can see the reward given to those who work hard, work smart and persevere. The FUN Exam Plan helps students prove to themselves that hard work and sticking to a plan delivers results. This sets a precedent which students can look back to in the future in case they need any reassurance of their ability to put in the effort and achieve. 

- The Exam Coach Way is working online for 1,500 students spread across universities and schools across the UK and overseas.  




We're confident that The FUN Exam Plan will be the difference that makes the difference for you this year.

So much so, receive a full refund if you're not satisfied, just tell us what's missing so we can make The Plan even better at helping students achieve top results than it already is!


Frequently Asked Questions


Why is it called The FUN Exam Plan?

The FUN Exam Plan guides you through the three stages of exam preparation and performance. Foundation, Understanding and Nailing it! It’s called a Plan because it contains the steps, processes and routines that, if executed correctly, will result in top exam preparation and performance.

Is The FUN Exam Plan updated, added to and improved?

The FUN Exam Plan is always being refined, added to and improved. Our aim will always be to deliver to you the most efficient and effective exam preparation and performance techniques. We are always researching and thinking up new ways to do this in a rapidly changing world.

Do I have to pay for these updates?

No. You only pay one fee upon initial purchase.

I’m currently in the middle of my exams, is it worth buying the FUN Exam Plan?

Definitely. Even if you think you don’t have much time left to prepare. The FUN Exam Plan has been designed so it can be watched and implemented quickly. The videos are short and to the point, as are the checklists.  Alternatively, you can just look up what you are currently struggling with and watch how to solve the problem The Exam Coach Way. The FUN Exam Plan is quick and easy to use and is designed to sit along side the revision you have to do!

Do I have to complete the Plan from start to finish?

No. The Plan does work most effectively if you work through the material in order. However, the sections are clearly labeled so that you can target specific areas you need to work on.


I’m buying The FUN Exam Plan for my son/daughter. I would like the payment receipt to be sent to my inbox and the member login details to go to theirs. How should I do this? 

There are two ways to do this:

1). Sign up with your email address. You will then receive two emails. One will be the payment receipt the other will be the member login details. The member login details email will have the subject line ‘Member Purchase’. Reply to this email stating the email address you would like the account login to be changed to (your son/daughter’s email address). We will change it and notify your son and daughter of the member login details. Just remember to tell them the password and they’re good to go!

2). Alternatively, just enter your son/daughter’s email and a password when you sign up. The payment receipt and member login details will be sent to them. They can then forward the payment receipt onto your email address.

We’d recommend option 1, we’re always happy to help. However, if your son or daughter is especially reliable please feel free to choose option 2.

I accidentally entered the wrong email address and I haven’t received my Member Purchase email containing my login details? What should I do? 

Send an email to from the correct email address. Just say hello and that you’re #Keenin2016 and we’ll let you know when your FUN Exam Plan is ready asap.


Can I buy the program and print off the exercises to go through them with my class? 

Sure, no problem. The Exam is always happy to assist teachers in the effective delivery of their curriculum.

I think The FUN Exam Plan would be a real help to my class/students. Do you offer discounted packages for schools?

Yes. Drop us a line outlining what you have in mind at and we’ll be right with you.

Is The FUN Exam Plan compliant with our school policy?

At the Exam we conduct our relationship with schools and teachers with the utmost care and attention. We appreciate a schools obligation to protect and teach students in line with child protection and school policy. Please see our terms and conditions for further information. 

I noticed The Exam offers social media updates for students. How can I be reassured that The Exam communicates in the appropriate manner over the internet?

Our social media policy can be provided upon request. Please send an email requesting this document to

Free Trial

How long does my Free Trial last for?

24 hours.

How much of The FUN Exam Plan do I have access to?

You have access to selected sessions and exercises. The rest of the Plan will be unlocked once you make a payment.

Can I download and print off the exercises available?

Yes. Go for it!

Can I tell other people about it? 

Yes. We’re not going to stop you!


How long do I have access to The FUN Exam plan for?

Each subscription to The FUN Exam Plan lasts 365 days from the day of purchase.

Do you automatically renew my subscription after a year?

No. We never renew or make any charges to your account without your permission. After 365 days your account will be terminated unless you notify us that you’d like to use it for another year. We’ll send you a reminder email nearer the time!

What happens after I enter my email, make the payment and set my password?

You will receive two emails. Once will confirm receipt of payment, the other will have the subject line ‘Member Purchase’. The ‘Member Purchase’ email contains the login details you will need to access your FUN Exam Plan.  


Are my debit/credit card details safe and secure?

Yes. We work closely with Stripe our chosen payment processing partner ( to keep all of your data secure.

Your data is sent directly to Stripe’s servers. Stripe is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) – the highest possible level of data protection available.

What card can I use?

Stripe can handle credit and debit cards from the major card schemes: Visa, MasterCard American Express, Discover and JCB.

Am I charged any ‘extras’?

No. There are no shipping costs or transaction fees. The only price you pay is the price displayed in the header bar of the check out portal – nothing more.


Do you offer refunds?

Since The Exam is offering non-tangible irrevocable goods we do not issue refunds once the order is accomplished and the product is sent.

Are there any exceptions to this?

We realise that exceptional circumstances can take place with regards to your personal life or what you understood the product to be. Please see the terms and conditions for further information.


For more information please see our terms and conditions