Keynote Speaking

Not afraid to tell it how he sees it James challenges students to realise their potential and define what they really want to come away with from their education. He keeps it real and to the point, calling out the behaviours students actually do which hinder their chances of strong exam performance and progression onto their first-choice career path. He provides solutions to some of the most common sticking points for students such as: 

  • How to build a strong routine?

  • How to limit procrastination?

  • What revision techniques to use?

  • How to manage exam nerves?

  • How to manage friendships during exam time?

  • What techniques are best for effective smartphone management during exam time?

  • How to plan and adjust accordingly throughout the revision and exam period?

He can also pick up on key areas you'd like to be addressed for your students, though the general structure of any talk follows 'The Exam Coach Way' of doing exams. Let's get on the phone and talk it through! Drop us an email and we will be in touch. 😄👍