The 7 Day Exam Plan

Are you ready to transform the way you study for exams?

The 7 Day Exam Plan gives secondary school students the study skills they need to prepare and perform well in any set of exams.

Become more organised, less distracted and start using the most effective study techniques. Say goodbye to exam stress and lack of motivation whilst achieving better results. 

5 things you need to know…

What you get 

  • 45 minutes of audio, video and written content delivered per day for 7 days

  • Step by step guide to revision planning and study motivation

  • Scientifically proven revision techniques that work for understanding and memorisation

  • Detailed routines to manage exam nerves and high pressure situations

  • Essential checklists for consistent exam performance

  • Mobile-friendly content delivery

  • 14 day guarantee


EVERY 7 DAY EXAM PLAN ALSO COMES WITH SUPPORT ON WHATSAPP to ensure consistent progress in the lead up to and during exam season

Please note: The 7 Day Exam Plan WhatsApp support is different from the free WhatsApp Bulletin because it is more targeted towards helping you successfully do the things required for exam success week-in week-out.


OUR GUARANTEE: Buy The 7 Day Exam Plan for £24.99 (reduced from £79), if you see no improvement in academic performance within 14 days let us know and we’ll grant you a 100% refund and a free 15 minute online exam coaching session. Simple. 👍

More about the exam coach…

Not sure? Send The Exam Coach a message on WhatsApp to receive ‘Day 4: How To Revise’ for free.