The 7 Day Exam Plan

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The 7 Day Exam Plan uses WhatsApp to give students the exam study skills, revision routines and regular support they need to perform their best in any set of exams.

How It Works

  • Cover the essentials of exam success in just 7 days by listening to a 10-15 minute audio message each day.

  • Receive messages every weekday (Mon - Fri) throughout the rest of the school year to help you stay on track and do the right things at the right time.

  • Have The Exam Coach in your corner throughout crucial times such as holiday revision and exam season.

Are you ready to transform the way you study for your exams?

Become more organised, less distracted and start using the most effective study techniques. Say goodbye to lack of motivation and exam stress whilst achieving better results. Stay on track for top results this year!

5 things you need to know…

What you get 

The majority of messages you receive will be audio messages. They’re easy to listen to wherever and whenever you choose.

The first 7 days cover the essential elements of exam success through a 10-15 minute audio message sent each day.

For the rest of the school year (until the end of June 2020) you’ll receive shorter messages every weekday (Mon-Fri) helping you build the skills required to do well in your exams and stay on track.

Key areas worked on:

  • Revision planning and study motivation

  • The most effective revision techniques for understanding and memorisation (proven by recent studies)

  • Mindsets and systems to avoid procrastination and distraction on your smartphone

  • Detailed routines to manage exam nerves and high pressure situations

What Are The First 7 Days About?

The first 7 days of messages are designed to give you the essential information you need to know in order to succeed in your exams. The messages are delivered in a format which is easy to understand and relate to your own exams.

Day 1: The Foundations For Exam Success

Day 2: Consistently Creating Motivation

Day 3: Key Resource Collecting

Day 4: Planning Like A Top Performer

Day 5: Efficient And Effective Revision Technique

Day 6: Intelligent Smartphone Management

Day 7: Building Your Exam Technique

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The messages sent every weekday (Mon-Fri) throughout the year are structured to ensure you’re getting all the information, techniques, advice and encouragement you need, exactly when you need it.

Each month has a theme…

September: Getting A Flying Start At School

October: Minimising Future Revision Workload

November: Winter Workload Motivation

December: Christmas Holidays Preparation

January: Planning Like A Boss

February: Fast And Effective Revision Technique

March: Easter Revision Motivation Booster

April: Rock Solid Easter Revision Routines

May: High Performance Exam Routines

June: Final Sprint And Beyond Exams

Please note:

  • Although each month does have a ‘theme’ or ‘focus’, other important areas of exam preparation will be discussed.

  • At the beginning of each week a message is sent out detailing exactly what will be sent during that week.

  • The schedule is designed for students taking exams in April, May or June 2020.

Why WhatsApp?

  • We know exams aren’t the coolest. They’re not exactly the talk of the town on social media! So we direct message you with help on the world’s most popular messaging app instead.

  • Consumable content. Most of the content we send is audio. We’ve found students like this the most because it’s easy to digest on the move.

  • Consistent support. Exams are a marathon, not a sprint. We can be there for you throughout the whole year on WhatsApp.

  • Well-timed messages. Exams are about doing the right things at the right time. We’ll remind you what you need to do and give you a way of getting it done quickly, easily and effectively at important times in the year.

  • 5 years of experience working with students at top institutions such as King’s College University, Bradfield College and Wellington College. We’ve seen how carefully thought through direct messaging improves students exam results for the better.


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