The 7 Day Exam Plan - Frequently Asked Questions


After payment, when do I receive The 7 Day Exam Plan?

You’ll start receiving The 7 Day Exam Plan to the email address you provided at the checkout page within 24 hours of purchase. You will receive a receipt for your order as well as your unique order reference number.

It’s been 24 hours and I haven’t received anything…

Please check your junk mail or spam folders. We do our best to ensure email providers do not route the introduction and early days of The Plan into your spam folders. But sometimes this is unavoidable. It’s also easy to fix, just email and someone from our customer support team will help you.

When should I buy The Plan?

We’d always recommend at least 1-3 months before your exams, this is because some of the learning techniques and organisational principles are going to come in really handy for your school work throughout the year. That said, The Plan can still add huge value a week or two before you sit exams and whilst you’re taking them, this is especially true for the sections on exam performance as well as the daily WhatsApp messages and support.

Is The Plan suitable for the exams I’m taking?

The 7 Day Exam Plan provides learning techniques and principles which can be applied to any set of exams. Though, because the majority of the research used to create The Plan was provided by secondary school students in the United Kingdom; GCSE, IB and A Level students are likely to find it particularly relevant.

What are study skills and exam performance techniques?

Study skills are effective ways to understand and memorise information in order to perform well in an exam. For example, understanding and being able to recall an essay structure or maths equation without assistance. Exam performance techniques are the things you do before, during and after an exam in order to make your exam performances are more consistent. For example, building a specific routine which helps you complete exam papers as quickly and accurately as possible.

Does The Plan teach me subject content to do with the subjects I’m studying?

No. It teaches you how to effectively study the content within the subjects you’re studying for an exam. The techniques recommended can be applied to a wide range of subjects. Think of it like playing in a sports team. The 7 Day Exam Plan represents the training methods and game day tactics. As a player in the team, you’ll need to apply these methods and tactics in order to win games, which, in this case, are your exams.

What happens with the WhatsApp support?

Once you buy The Plan you have the option to be added to The 7 Day Exam Plan WhatsApp Support (for no further cost). We’ll send messages to check in on your progress, give you extra tips and hold you accountable to your exam goals. You’re also free to ask us questions about The 7 Day Exam Plan and how it can be used to help with the exams you’re studying for. The support is designed to help with your consistency, motivation and revision technique leading up to and throughout exam season. This kind of regular support is something students have said they value most. Messages are sent weekly throughout the year and daily during peak exam months. This lasts until the end of June 2019.

"I have no time to complete the Plan, I’ve got too much work already.”

That’s why we’ve deliberately condensed the information into a variety of formats which are digestible on the move. The majority of The Plan is audio content which can be listened to anywhere. Think about all that time you spend travelling to and from school? That’s time for The 7 Day Exam Plan to be done! The rest is made up of short punchy videos and tasks for you to complete.


What payment method can I use?

Our chosen payment processing partner Stripe ( can handle credit and debit cards from the major card schemes: Visa, MasterCard American Express, Discover and JCB.

Your data is sent directly to Stripe’s servers. Stripe is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) – the highest possible level of data protection available.

You can also use PayPal or CashApp.

Am I charged any ‘extras’?

No. There are no shipping costs or transaction fees. The only price you pay is the price displayed at checkout.


What if I don’t see any improvement?

That’s why there’s a 14 day guarantee. If you see no improvement in academic performance, let us know within 14 days of purchasing The 7 Day Exam Plan and we’ll grant you a 100% refund as well as a 15 minute free online exam coaching session. Please note, this policy only applies to The 7 Day Exam Plan sold individually and not the bundle offers.


I’m buying The 7 Day Exam Plan for my son/daughter, how do I make sure it is sent to them?

Just enter their email address at the checkout.

I accidentally entered the wrong email address and I haven’t received my order receipt or The 7 Day Exam Plan.

Send an email to, let us know the correct email address and we’ll correct this for you.

How long do I have access to The 7 Day Exam Plan and WhatsApp support for?

Once purchased, there are no time restrictions on access to The 7 Day Exam Plan. The WhatsApp support lasts for one academic year or ‘exam season’. For example, in the UK, the academic year runs from the beginning of September to the end of July. This is so we can manage demand year over year and ensure the service is of high quality for each yearly intake of students.

How do I receive The 7 Day Exam Plan WhatsApp support?

On every email there’s an option to message The Exam Coach on WhatsApp. Hit that button, send a message and you’re good to go!