Plan Outline

* From 14th May 2019 all content will be delivered to students immediately to enable fast learning and implementation in time for exams, this is the ‘accelerated delivery’ version of The 7 Day Exam Plan.

The 7 Day Exam Plan: Introduction 

  • Contents

  • How to complete the plan

Day 1: Planning - The Exam Coach Way 

  • Every great achievement starts with a plan

  • How to effectively plan for the long term 

  • Revision planning and timetabling 

    • Planning principle 1 

    • Planning principle 2 

    • Planning principle 3 

    • Planning principle 4

  • How to plan the day-to-day

  • Exercises: 

    • Setting up your calendar and timetable 

    • Writing your results statement 

Day 2: Finding and sustaining motivation 

  • The Exam Coach Motivational Principles 

  • How to stay motivated all the way up to and throughout your exams 

  • Controlling your environment to avoid procrastination and distraction 

  • Exercise: 

    • The Procrastination Prevention Programme and your Smartphone  

Day 3: Setting Yourself Up To Win

  • The key tools you need for exam success

    • Tool 1

    • Tool 2

    • Tool 3 

    • Tool 4

  • Templates and checklists: 

    • Questions and email templates to ensure you gather the tools you need in time for your exams

Day 4: How to revise efficientlY AND Effectively 

  • Ensuring you understand the subject matter

  • Reviewing your class notes 

  • How to prioritise subjects and work streams 

  • How to use time to your advantage when you revise 

  • The recipe for effective note taking: The Three Sheet Technique

  • Remembering the hard stuff: The Memory Stack 

  • The technique that ties everything together 

  • Immersive learning on the move using your Smartphone 

    • Audio 

    • Electronic notes 

    • The old school method

  • Spacing out your repetition and why it’s important

Day 5: Becoming An Elite Exam Athlete

  • Taking time away from the books

  • Nutrition and water: brain fuel and liquid thinking

  • Sleep

  • Exercise and stress relief

  • Friendship management 

  • Mindset shift: How top students think

Day 6: The Perfect Pre Exam Routine 

  • Introduction: The Pre Exam Routine 

  • What needs to happen 24 hours before every exam

  • Exam visualisation exercise 

  • The final preparations

  • Checklists: 

    • Pre bed checklist 

    • Pre exam checklist 

Day 7: What to do on exam day. A Step by step Guide. 

  • Introduction: the day of the exam 

  • In the exam room: your door to desk routine 

  • Strong exam technique: The Golden Rules 

  • Exactly what to do the moment you step out of the exam room

  • Don’t believe the hype! 

  • Post exam analysis

  • How to focus on your next exam performance

  • Checklist:

    • The Exam Coach Exam Technique Manifesto


  • How to sustain your momentum after completing The Plan

  • Daily WhatsApp support to keep you accountable and help you implement The Plan consistently all the way up to and throughout exam season (ends 30th June 2019).