Andy Tate - Exam Advice From The Great Man Himself

If you haven't watched the video below, you should. It went viral in 2014.

Andy Tate doesn't just give a thorough analysis of Manchester United's defeat to Swansea. Whether he meant to or not he also touches upon some of the key principles of exam preparation and performance.

Here's a list with accompanying time stamps that I've picked out: 

Don't Blame Management (6 secs)

Andy blames everyone including the Chairman, Fergeh and Moyseh for United's shortcomings. If it's not going your way in the classroom don't blame the teacher or anyone else. The onus is on you to be so good they can't ignore you. In hindsight Mr Tate should have taken control of the situation, laced up his boots, and offered to put a shift in at right back. 

Don't Become Complacent (35secs)

United were champions last season. Now that counts for nothing. You're only as good as your last performance. The same goes for exams. 'Train like you've never won, play like you've never lost'. 

Run Your Socks Off (40secs)

The only United player Tatey has any time for is Darren Fletcher. Effort is vitally important. If you put in the effort day in day out you will receive the recognition and reward you so rightly deserve.

Stay On Top Of Your Fitness Regime (46secs)

According to Andy, Van Perseh is struggling with Moyseh's fitness regime. You want to make sure you are slowly building up the intensity of your revision in the lead up to exams, don't peak too early and risk burning yourself out. Steady and consistent always wins the race. 

Don't Be Concerned About The Performance Of Others (50secs)

Don't worry about what other people are doing. Andy shows some concern about the performance of Cleverleh in the middle of the park. Comparing yourself to others does not do you or anybody else any good. Just be concerned about what you are currently working towards and doing it to the best of your ability. 

Don't Care (1:03min)

Be wary of the 'don't care' attitude. When you are losing and not making the progress you would like it's tempting to give up and throw the towel in. Don't do this. Keep your chin up and continue to put a shift in day in day out. Eventually you will get the break you're after. Then, build on that momentum.

Take Care (1:03min)

Don't make careless mistakes. The United players are too nonchalant for Andy's liking. Remember to focus in the exam room, read the questions properly and make sure what you write down is actually what you mean to write. 

Don't Let It Turn Into A Shambles (1:08min)

If you are struggling to score marks on the exam paper don't let it turn into a shambles. Stay clam, take a step back and think tactically about what you could do to squeeze every mark you can from the paper. Where are the marks that you are most likely to be awarded? How can you get at least 1 mark on every question?

Don't Bottle It (1:11min)

Exam performance is about thinking clearly under pressure. Those who can handle the pressure will win, the same goes for when you're on the footie pitch. In order to develop this practice working under timed conditions on a regular basis.  

If In Doubt...(1:25min)

If in doubt about any of the above or anything at all to do with your exam preparation or performance, remember, you always have the option to:  

'Give it Giggseh t' the end of the season'.