10 Reasons Why Exams Set You Up For Life

In this video, I talk through 10 reasons why exams set you up for a successful life and career. Too many people knock exams and say that none of the skills you learn in the process are applicable to later life. Here are some real life examples and reasons why exams can help you build useful skills for the future.

The 10 reasons are....

  1. Organisation

  2. Independence

  3. Resourcefulness

  4. Learn to tough it out

  5. Handle pressure effectively

  6. It's ok to fail

  7. Think long term

  8. You learn useful information about the world

  9. Attention management

  10. No fear of being measured

Watch the video to listen to the reasoning behind these 10 points and some of the life experiences where skills gained through exams have helped me out! 

πŸ“Take note and remember them for your own exams.πŸ‘