Exam Motivation - How To make It Happen

In this podcast episode I recap the recent YouTube video ‘5 Ways NOT To Motivate Yourself For Exams’ and suggest some practical ways you can become more motivated to do well. Have a listen if you’re looking for some practical ways to get motivated enough to begin your journey to a better set of exam results than you expected.

Topics discussed: 

  • 5 Ways NOT To Motivate yourself for exams 

  • How we can become motivated by the process of doing something 

  • How historical source analysis is a useful skill-builder for spotting fake news 

  • Making sure you’re actions and motivation are aligned with your values and standards

  • Putting the time we spend studying for exams into perspective 

  • The concept of ‘advertising’ to yourself 

  • Breaking huge tasks down into smaller chunks which can be tackled daily 

Other mentions: 

  • Drive By Daniel Pink

  • Quote: "Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you"

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James Davey is an online exam coach and creator of The 7 Day Exam Plan. The Plan helps students working towards exams prepare and perform their best in any set of exams.

James went from lacking focus and drive to a top performing student. He’s determined to help you undergo the same transformation and develop the study skills and exam performance techniques necessary for exam success.

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